Berkeley Way West Psychology - A/V Systems User Guide

Berkeley Way Psychology Room types

  • Room 3101 (see separate user guide)
    • Downloadable User Guide
    • To make an audio call to an off-campus number: dial 91, then the inteded number (ex. 91 999-999-9999)
  • Huddle Rooms (3416 can be reserved; some neighborhoods also have one)
    • You can connect to the A/V system using the provided attached cables (HDMI, Audio, or VGA). NOTE: You will need to bring your own Mac HDMI or VGA connector.
  • Meeting Rooms (3310, 3414, 3438)
    • Turn on the TV using the remote control secured to the back
    • The best and recommended way to connect to A/V system is using the easy-to-use Wireless HDMI option (AirMedia), following the step-by-step instructions displayed on the screen

      • ​Point your browser to the provided IP address
      • Download the AirMedia software (Mac and Windows versions are available)

      • Run the AirMedia software and enter the IP address shown on the screen
      • Click connect, and then enter the temporary Pass Code shown on the screen
      • **You can not use Powerpoint Presentation View mode on Wireless HDMI option (AirMedia), use the provided cables instead.
    • The second option to connect to the A/V system is to use the provided cables (HDMI, Audio, or VGA) on the closest table to the screen. NOTE: You will need to bring your own Mac HDMI or VGA connector.
    • Please turn the TV off using the remote control after use