Minor Requirements

Psychology Summer Minors

There are two Summer Minor programs offered through Psychology:

  • The "The Developing Child" minor, offered in partnership with Early Development & Learning Science (ED&LS) at the Institute of Human Development, details here.
  • The "Clinical & Counseling Psychology" minor, details below. Our goals for the Clinical minor can be found here.


The Clinical & Counseling Psychology summer minor allows students to explore the diverse career paths of clinical and counseling psychology. The curriculum focuses on basic psycho-biological and sociocultural mechanisms (e.g., neurobiology, social relationships, culture/race/ethnicity) that underlie common mental health problems across the life span. It also provides an overview of major theories and issues/debates in applied mental health professions across different practice settings (e.g., schools, independent practice, hospitals, and industry).  


  • Requirements

    The minor (or certificate for non-UCB students) consists of minimally 5 courses, and a total of 15 upper division units, including two core courses and three electives. 

    -  Recommended: Psych 1: General Psychology (Not required)
    -  Core 1: Psych 130M – Psychology Across the Lifespan (3 units)
    -  Core 2: Psych 170 – Clinical & Counseling Professions (3 units)
    -  At least 3 Electives (choose from the list below)

    Elective Options: 

    a. Psych 139 – Clinical Case Studies (3 units)
    b. Psych 138 – Global Mental Health (3 units)
    c. Psych 137 – Mind-Body Health (3 units)
    d. Psych 136 – Human Sexuality (3 units)
    e. Psych  171 – Psychological Research on Children of Immigrant Families (3 units)
    f. Psych  172 – DSM: Defining Normal (3 units)
    g. Psych  173 – Lens on Mental Health: Intersectional Approaches (3 units)


  • Course Waiver Request 

    Request for Waiver

    If you would like to waive out of a requirement because:

    1) you have or will be completing Psych 130 and Psych 131 in the fall/spring semesters; OR

    2) you have completed a similar course at another university, 

    you may request to waive the requirement by emailing psychsso@berkeley.edu

    *Note that you may only waive one requirement and must satisfy the other 4 requirements using courses from the list above.

  • Minor Declaration

    At this time the minor declaration period is now open. The Minor Declaration form can be found here. Senior students with an expected graduation term of Summer 2024, must be declared no later than May 1, 2024. Feel free to enroll in courses starting February of 2024. (*Note this declaration form is for departmental logistical purposes only. Ensure you are enrolled in your courses by checking 'My Academics' in CalCentral). 

  • What is the difference between Psych 130M and Psych 130?

    Psych 130M and Psych 130 are two different courses offered by our department. Although these courses both fall under clinical psychology, they each cover different aspects of the field using their own unique lens:

    Psych 130M Psych 130
    Psychopathology Across the Life Span Clinical Psychology
    Summer semester only Fall/Spring semesters

    1) Can be used to satisfy tier II and tier III of the psychology major requirements.

    2) Is a core requirement for the Clinical & Counseling psychology minor.

    Can ONLY be used to satisfy tier II and tier III of the psychology major requirements.
    Explores psychopathology and research methods used to study mental health throughout the whole lifespan (i.e. from childhood to adulthood).


    Covers the whole process from diagnosis and diagnostic tools to treatment methods. Focuses more on psychopathology in adulthood.
    Syllabus Syllabus
  • Advising

    Students can contact Jennifer Ochoa at psychsso@berkeley.edu for more information.

  • Information Sessions

    Future sessions: Summer 2024 sessions will begin starting February 2024

    • February - Monday February 12th 3PM - 4 PM
    • March - Monday March 11th 11 AM - 12 PM
    • April - Thursday April 4th 4 PM - 5 PM

    RSVP Here for the Spring 2024 Info Sessions

    Summer 2024 Info Session Materials

    Info Session slides

    Info Session Recording 

    ** Please note our main contact info has been updated. We will no longer answer emails through the psychminor account, and will solely answer emails from psychsso@berkeley.edu

  • Financial Resources

    Please visit the summer sessions website and the minor completion website for more information on scholarships.

    Additionally, students can visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website to learn more.

    Please know that in order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must  be declared in the minor for us to verify with Summer Sessions.

    Students can get an estimate of how much financial aid they might receive by logging into CalCentral and navigating to the Financial Resources under My Finances to select Summer Cost and Aid Estimator.