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Berkeley Psychology is home to a vibrant community of faculty, graduate students, and staff. Berkeley Psychology’s pre-eminent faculty conduct ground-breaking and award-winning research in the fields of behavioral and systems neuroscience, clinical science, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, and social/personality psychology. Our faculty are recognized around the world as leaders in their fields, and are also award-winning teachers and mentors. We study a wide range of questions about behavior, using many different methods, including behavioral, computational, developmental, social, and neural. We study the brain from systems to behavioral to cognitive to social neuroscience. We study development from infancy to late life and back; our data range from the individual to small groups to massive data streams and nested scales. We study basic science of behavior, cognition, personality, and emotion and its translation to mental illness, education, and policy. We study complex social systems and connectivity from the local to the global. The Berkeley Psychology community consists of our faculty, our amazing and dedicated staff, our intellectually curious undergraduate students, and our outstanding graduate students.