Specialty Clinics

Please call our Clinic at 510-642-4459 during the enrollment period to be considered for our services.


Individual & Group Therapy Services:

Individual Services:
Enrollment: Aug 1 of each academic year

Each year, we offer our regular array of evidence-based individual, couples, and family services. Please check back in for updates about specialty clinics being offered in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

  • We are now offering low-fee tobacco cessation treatment. Clients will receive support in: setting goals for changing their tobacco use, understanding evidence-based tools to support their tobacco use goals, learning how to manage craving and withdrawal symptoms, and creating a personalized quit-plan.

Assessment & Evaluations:

Fall Assessment Clinic:

Enrollment: Begins Aug 1st

Assessment Services Offered: Sep 1-Dec 15

Focus: Children & Adults


Spring Assessment Clinic:

Enrollment: Nov 1-Mar 1

Assessment Services Offered: Mar 1 - May 30

Focus: Children & Adults


Summer Assessment Clinic:

Our Clinic will be closed during the summer of 2022, and we will not be offering assessments at this time. Clients interested in assessment services for Fall 2022 can call our intake line starting August 1st to be added to our Fall waitlist.