Specialty Clinics

Please call our Clinic at 510-642-4459 during the enrollment period to be considered for our services.


Individual & Group Therapy Services:

Individual Services:
Enrollment: Aug 1 of each academic year

Each year, we offer our regular array of evidence-based individual, couples, and family services. Please note our special offerings this year:

  • In Fall 2019 we are offering a Specialty Clinic focused on Coping with Dementia, Stroke, or other Neurological Conditions. Please find more information on this flyer. Interested clients can call us at 510-642-4459 to leave a voicemail indicating their interest.
  • We are now offering low-fee tobacco cessation treatment. Clients will receive support in: setting goals for changing their tobacco use, understanding evidence-based tools to support their tobacco use goals, learning how to manage craving and withdrawal symptoms, and creating a personalized quit-plan.

Assessment & Evaluations:

Spring Assessment Clinic:

Enrollment: Nov 1-Mar 1

Assessment Services Offered: Mar 1 - May 30

Focus: Children & Adults


Summer Assessment Clinic:

Enrollment: Mar 1 - Jun 1

Assessment Services Offered: Jun 1 - Aug 1

Focus: Children & Adults

  • Giftedness
  • ADHD, learning disabilities
  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Questions about psychological, cognitive or academic functioning