• Psychology Commencement 2021

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  • All Psych summer courses will be taught via Zoom. Visit our summer webpage for all our course offerings!

    Psychology Summer Courses

    All Psych summer courses will be taught via Zoom. Visit our summer webpage for all our course offerings!

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  • A message from the Climate & Equity Committee

    Standing Together

    A message from the Climate & Equity Committee

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  • Life…Theories…Results

  • Advancing the study of mind and brain

Department Highlights

Congratulations to Sheldon Zedeck who has been named the 2021 chairholder of the Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorship

Edward A. Dickson served as a Regent of the University of California from 1913 to 1946, the longest tenure of any Regent. In 1955, Mr. Dickson presented the University with a gift endowment which enables...

Honoring Chair Serena Chen

Cindy Ji interviews Chair Serena Chen about her life journey into Psychology. The article called "Turning Difference into a Catalyst" honors the history of  Asian American Women on the Berkeley campus, as part of the 150 years of Women celebration.

Congratulations to Ozlem Ayduk for receiving 2020 Social Sciences Distinguished Teaching Awards

The Dean and Chairs of the Division of Social Sciences initiated the Distinguished Teaching Award to encourage and reward faculty members who have been exceptionally generous and effective in both...

Congratulations to Steve Hinshaw for his election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences!

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences honors excellence and convenes leaders from every field of human endeavor to examine new ideas, address issues of importance to the nation and the...

Graduate Student Highlights

Jonathan Reeves is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Science program at the University of California, Berkeley. His research aims to better understand, predict, and treat self-harm, suicide, and the...

Scientists at UC Berkeley and Western University in Canada have used brain imaging to map the cerebellum, a formerly underappreciated neural region that contains the vast majority of the brain’s...

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Alumni Stories

After Cal, I earned a master's degree in school counseling in Texas, a teaching credential in special education, an educational diagnostician credential, and EdD in Special Education (Teachers...

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1968 with a BA in Psychology. Thus began my journeyinto the field of mental health. I've been a practicing clinician since 1979 in West Los Angeles.

I graduated from Cal in 2009 with degrees in both Psychology and Social Welfare. I attinaed my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific...


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