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    All Psych summer courses will be taught via Zoom. Visit our summer webpage for all our course offerings!

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    A message from the Climate & Equity Committee

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Department Highlights

Congratulation to Allison Harvey for receiving 2021 Distinguished Scientist Award

The Distinguished Scientist Award is the Sleep Research Society’s highest award and recognizes significant, original and sustained scientific contributions of a basic, translational, clinical or theoretical nature to the sleep and circadian research field.

Event: Women in Psychology: Changemakers on the Frontlines

As Berkeley commemorates 150 Years of Women, we celebrate two exemplary psychology Ph.D. alumnae who are working for the public good at a time of misinformation and shocking disparities.

April 7, 3:10-4:30 pm - Registration link

Congratulations to Celeste Kidd for receiving the APS's 2021 Janet Taylor Spence Award

This award is given in recognition of APS members who have made transformative early-career contributions to psychological science.

Congratulations to Anne Collins for receiving the 2021 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Young Investigator Award!

The purpose of the Young Investigator Award is to recognize outstanding contributions by scientists early in their career.

Graduate Student Highlights

Scientists at UC Berkeley and Western University in Canada have used brain imaging to map the cerebellum, a formerly underappreciated neural region that contains the vast majority of the brain’s...

Jonathan Reeves is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Science program at the University of California, Berkeley. His research aims to better understand, predict, and treat self-harm, suicide, and the...

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Alumni Stories

I received my undegraduate psych degree in 1976, after taking classes for two yearts at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

At the time, I was trying to sort out how I might combine my...

Robert H. Friis—B.A., Psychology, 1964 Robert Friis received his B.A. in psychology in 1964 from Berkeley, and both an M.A. degree in educational psychology (1966) and a Ph.D. in higher...

I recently (July 2013) joined the faculty of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. Prior to moving to Vanderbilt, I served as Associate Professor of...


Wed, 03/03/2021
Speaker: Angela Radulescu
Fri, 03/05/2021
Speaker: Gasper Begus
Fri, 04/02/2021
Speaker: Alison Gopnik
Wed, 04/07/2021
Speaker: Laura Helmuth, Sybil Madison