Official Office Hours: 9AM - 12PM & 1PM - 4PM

staff photoClinical Science Program Psychology Clinic Administrator.Hermela Araya
Clinical Science Program Psychology Clinic Administrator
2160 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-2055
staff photoProgramming, web development / hosting, technology consultation.

Julian Bain
Applications Programmer
3301 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-664-9132

staff photoCourse and enrollment management, textbooks, room reservations, syllabus archive, course evaluations.Emilie Dandan
Scheduler & Curriculum Planner
3301 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-664-5078
staff photoClinical science program academic coordinator.Claire Flaggs
Clinical Science Program Administrator and Academic Coordinator
2160 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-2056
staff photoAcademic personnel, faculty liaison (merits, promotions, leaves, etc.).Jitka Horavova
Academic Personnel Coordinator
3301 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-643-3823
staff photoOversight of all department operations including financial management, student services, academic personnel, IT, facilities, and human resources. Department staff supervisor.Alex Mastrangeli
Director of Administration
3314 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-7074
staff photoGraduate student affairs, graduate student resources.Christine Mullarkey
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
2130 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-1382
staff photoUndergraduate Student Affairs, Undergraduate Resources.Jennifer Ochoa
Undergraduate Student Services Advisor
2210 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-664-4461
staff photoNew courses, curriculum matters, funding, complicated student issues, undergrad and graduate program oversight.Harumi Quinones-Austria
Student Services Director
2210 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-7097
staff photoStaff employment, student employment, Visiting Scholar / Visiting Student Researcher appointments, volunteer appointments, and summer sessions appointments.Judi Ray
HR Coordinator
3301 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-642-7110
staff photoPurchasing and reimbursements including travel and entertainment, facilities coordinator, room reservations, metal keys, key card access, and CSS Procurement admin liaisonTanya Robles
Operations Coordinator
3301 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-643-8589
staff photoFinancial and budget managment, accounting policy expert, CSS research admin liaison, fund manager.Yukiko Vandeman
Accounting Manager
3320 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-643-8590
staff photoUndergraduate Student Affairs, Undergraduate Resources.Zoe Xu
Undergraduate Student Services Advisor
2210 Berkeley Way West
P: 510-664-4463
staff photoUndergraduate Student Affairs, Undergraduate Student Resources and Graduate Student Affairs, Graduate Student Resources.Fonda Yoshimoto-Reed
Graduate Student Affairs Officer
2210 & 3301 Berkeley Way West