Research & Discovery

At UC Berkeley, undergraduates thrive when they creatively blend academic coursework with a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to immerse in their passions and discover their purpose. Within the Psychology department, there are many options worth exploring to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of a topic they may be fascinated with or want to explore.


Research Opportunities

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Research refers to the process of conducting studies into different aspects of a determined subject, with the aim of developing a more in-depth knowledge of the topic and/or search for possible solutions or answers to determined issues. You do not need to be an expert in the topic that you are passionate about, just motivated enough to look for the right opportunities to enter the research world while at Cal. 

Psychology opportunities available to you during your academic journey:

  • Psychology Research Opportunities

    Psychology opportunities available to you during your academic journey:

    • Honors Program
      The Psychology Honors Program offers an opportunity for declared students that meet all the requirements to create their own research program with staff mentorship. Students immerse themselves in a special curriculum that culminates with them submitting their thesis. Besides enriching their journey and opening doors for research careers, students can earn the title of ‘Highest Honors’ in their B.A degree.
    • Research Assistant/Independent Study (Specifically Psych 199)
      If selected for a research assistant position, you can earn units for your work.  This a great way to explore a career in research and immerse yourself in a Psychology lab.
    • Research Participation Program (RPP)
      If you are interested in participating in different research projects, the Research Participation Program allows qualifying students to take part and answer questions about Psychology. Many Psychology courses require that you participate in RPP as part of your grade, but you are welcome to join RPP studies even if not required for class participation.
  • Campuswide Research Opportunities

    Discover campus-wide opportunities:

    • Research Experience Pathways in Psychology (REP)
      REP provides an early opportunities in research, hands-on experience, and one-on-one mentoring to UC Berkeley underrepresented undergraduate students to increase diversity and inclusion in research and academia. 

Discovery Psychology Opportunities to Enrich your Time at UC Berkeley


                                    Psych Student Kristen Wehara at Singapore                                                          Psych Student Kuba Piotrowski at France


Besides research, there are other resources that you can utilize to learn, discover, and grow in diverse areas of your academic experience. Below are some of the many resources that you can apply to and continue to expand your knowledge:

  • Psychology Discovery Opportunities

    Psychology opportunities available to you during your academic journey:

    • Study Abroad as a Psychology Major
      The Psychology department encourages its students to add an international dimension to their education by participating in Berkeley Study Abroad (BSA). Exposure to various cultures and diverse human experience prepare students for the complex challenges faced by professionals in the field of Psychology.
    • Facilitate a DeCal (Psych 198)
      DeCals are a great opportunity to discover how much you want to learn and explore a topic while learning in a small group led by student-facilitator, all while earning units toward your degree!
    • Internships and Field-Study (Psych 197)
      Students may volunteer or intern with an organization whose program relates to the discipline of Psychology. Students engaged in an internship may receive either Psychology 197 units, compensation if the agency is willing to do so out of their funds, or both.
    • Weekly Opportunities
      Through the Weekly Opportunities, you can learn about research, internships, employment, and course information and how to get into any of them.
  • Campuswide Discovery Opportunities

    In addition to all the previous resources, UC Berkeley offers multiple programs and opportunities to students to provide support, growth, and academic enrichment during their time at Cal. The UC Berkeley Discovery initiative can help you explore and connect with whatever area you may be looking for. Here are just some of the centers on campus that can help you to connect, explore, and immerse yourself in self-discovery during your time at Cal.

    • Public Service Center
      The Public Service Center works with students, faculty, and the community to ensure society’s educational, economic, and social resources are accessible to all.
    • BEGIN
      BEGIN features Berkeley innovation and entrepreneurship resources, opportunities, events, and news to help you connect with the Berkeley ecosystem and take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.
    • LEAD Center
      The LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Advising, & Development) Center is UC Berkeley’s hub for student involvement, leadership development, and co-curricular advising as they explore their interests and pursue their passions at Cal.
    • Career Center
      The Career Center works to advance equity and access to career resources for every Cal student, current and recent alumnus.  This is a great place to get connected to internships, externships, and other opportunities to prepare for your transition to the career world. 
    • Berkeley Connect
      Berkeley Connect is a mentoring program that matches graduate student mentors with a small group of peers who share academic interests.
    • STEM Resources
      UC Berkeley offers multiple academic, employment, and course STEM opportunities to students wanting to expand their curriculums and experiences.
    • Data Science Discovery
      The Data Science Discovery Program connects undergraduates with hands-on, team-based opportunities in data research projects at UC Berkeley, government agencies, community groups, and entrepreneurial ventures.
    • Transfer Student Center
      The Transfer Student Center provides services to current Cal transfer students from other colleges and universities with navigating the academic and cultural landscape of one of the top research universities in the world.
  • Student Organizations Discovery

    UC Berkeley's LEAD Center offers multiple student-led organizations for students to immerse themselves in different communities and personal and professional, and academic enrichment during their time at Cal. Here are just some of the organizations on campus that can help you to connect with the fellow Cal psych community.

    • ASUC Mental Health Commission
      ASUC MHC is the university's student government initiative to provide accessible mental health support for the UCB student population. They work to advocate and provide resources. They also partner with some of the orgs below.
    • Lean On Me
      Lean On Me strengthens communities by providing peer-to-peer text lines that allow for easy access to confidential non-crisis support. They envision a world where anyone can seek and receive emotional support.
    • Paws for Mental Health
      PMH is is a student-led organization at UC Berkeley that advocates for mental health awareness and aims to remove the stigma surrounding it through their wonderful canine companions. They usually table around Sproul with their furry pals and have fun events and fundraisers such as Puppy Polaroids, Barktober Fest and Dog Art Therapy, all in efforts to aid Cal students with the stresses of academic life.
    • Student to Student Peer Counseling
      SSPC provides free, anonymous services from fellow trained student counselors to other UC Berkeley students. As non-professional counselors, they are able to communicate to students as peers while creating a healing environment through active listening and empathy. This is a great hands-on opportunity for direct counseling experience. They provide appointments and drop-in services for students to take advantage of.
    • You Mean More
      YMM is an organization that aims to promote awareness regarding mental health issues, to strengthen the prevention of suicide and self-harm amongst university students, and to reduce the stigma surrounding these topics. They also organize events and fundraisers. Each year, their main event is the UC Berkeley Suicide Prevention Walk, which raises funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.