Founded in 1963, and expanded with the Center for Assessment in 2013, the UC Berkeley Psychology Clinic has served the Bay Area for over 50 years.  Our mission is threefold.

Center of Excellence for Clinical Training
Each year, we provide top-quality training to approximately 20 talented and dedicated Clinical Science Program Ph.D. students, as well as students from other areas of the Psychology Department and the School of Education.
Center of Excellence for Clinical Research
Pioneering research by faculty and students tackling critical questions related to mental health is housed in the Clinic.  These programs are funded from a variety of sources, including the National Institute of Aging, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute for Drug Abuse, and National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.
Services to the Bay Area
We offer individual, child & adolescent, couples, parent training and family therapy, as well as assessment services.  Our Clinic is dedicated to providing empirically supported treatments to the community, including those who are traditionally underserved and special populations including racial, ethnic and sexual minorities.