Program Level Goals for Clinical Minor

The Clinical & Counseling Psychology summer minor allows students to explore the diverse career paths of clinical and counseling psychology. The curriculum focuses on basic psycho-biological and sociocultural mechanisms (.e.g, neurobiology, social relationships, culture/ race/ ethnicity) that underlie common mental health problems across the life span. It also provides an overview of major theories and issues/debates in applied mental health professions across different practice settings (e.g. schools, independent practice, hospitals, and industry).


Program Level Goals
  1. Understand basic concepts that characterize psychology as a field of scientific inquiry.
  2. Develop an in-depth understanding of psychopathology across the lifespan as a field of scientific inquiry, and of clinical and counseling psychology as an applied science.
  3. Understand the major theories and principal concerns of mental health professions in different practice settings.
  4. Survey the central questions/issues in contemporary clinical and counseling psychology, and develop a historical perspective on key psychological theories, empirical data, and practices.
  5. Become familiar with research methods used in psychological research, and develop skills to critically evaluate the presentation of scientific ideas and research in original scientific papers as well as in popular media.