Program Level Goals for Psychology Majors

  1. Understand basic concepts that characterize psychology as a field of scientific inquiry, and appreciate the various subfields that form the discipline as well as things that differentiate it from other related disciplines
  2. Develop an understanding of the central questions/issues in contemporary psychology as well as a historical perspective of psychological theories and key emperical data
  3. Develop a thorough understanding of one of the major content areas of psychology (i.e., Social/Personality, Developmental, Clinical, Cognitive, Biological)
  4. Develop skills to critically evaluate the presentation of scientific ideas and research in original scientific papers as well as in the popular media.
  5. Become familiar with research methods used in psychological research, and become proficient in basic concepts of statistical analyses and familiar with more advanced methods in data analyses and modeling
  6. Learn to develop, articulate, and communicate, both orally and in written form, a testable hypothesis, or an argument drawing from an existing body of literature.
  7. Apply a psychological principle to an everyday problem, or take an everyday problem and identify the relevant psychological mechanisms/issues