RSVP (Research Subject Volunteer Pool)
Thank you for your interest in participating in research through the Department of Psychology at UC Berkeley. Listed below you will find new and ongoing studies that are in need of participants. Each study is administered independently and may have specific requirements for participation. For more information on the study or to volunteer to participate, please contact the lab directly.


**Researcher use of the RSVP is limited to Psychology Department faculty, graduate students, postdocs, honors students, postbacs, and lab managers.**
  • EEG Studies of Attention and Memory (093019A)

    Participants will complete computer tasks of attention and memory while EEG data are collected. 


    -35-55 years of age

    -Corrected-to-normal vision and hearing 

    -Not colorblind

    -No known neurological/psychiatric diagnoses

    Description: Please allow 3 hours for EEG setup, cleanup, and computer task time. You will be asked to remove any earrings and you will get your hair wet. 

    Preparation: please come in with clean, dry hair.

    Location: Barker Hall at the Universit of California, Berkeley

    Compensation: $20/hour (2-3 hours) 


    Contact Name: Dr. Lisa Johnson
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  • Self Control and Behavior (071119A)

    Do you struggle with problems due to your mood?
    Do you have a history of mental health problems?
    Have you ever had problems like severe debt, legal issues, physical fights, or loss of a job because of your behavior?

    If any of the above apply, this study may be a good fit for you. Our research group in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley is conducting a study to better understand how thoughts and motivations change self-control and behaviors, and how that relates to psychological problems. You can earn up to $330 in return for your time. We are looking for people who are:
    - between the ages of 18-55 years old
    - able to come to UC Berkeley campus for up to four 2-3 hour visits

    If you’re interested, please follow the link below to take a short, anonymous survey that helps determine if the study would be a good fit. It should take about a minute to complete:

    If you might be eligible, the short survey will link you to a scheduler where you can sign up for a longer eligibility pre-screening call. If you have questions, you can contact us at or 510-542-8969.





    Contact Name:
    Phone: 510-542-8969
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  • Brain Imaging Study on Consumer Decision Making (052019A)

    Participants are needed for a neuroimaging study on consumer decision-making. To be eligible, you must satisfy the following criteria:

    - Be between 18-50 years old
    - Have no major health problems
    - Have normal eyesight or have contacts
    - Be able to read and speak English
    - Do not have claustrophobia
    - Must be right handed
    - Be able to undergo an MRI scan
    - No history of psychiatric illness
    - Not using any psychoactive medication

    An fMRI scan is designed to detect small changes in blood flow associated with activity in various parts of the brain, you will be asked to perform tasks, during which time MRI images will be acquired.

    ***SIGNING UP***

    You will be signing up for the first session of the following two-session study:

    1. In-person screening visit at Berkeley Imaging Center for eligibility to participate in fMRI scanning. This session will take ~30m, and you will be paid $10.

    2. If you are eligible, we will contact you for an fMRI scanning session. You will be paid an additional $40 upon successful completion of the scanning session, which will take between 90-120m.

    Please email or direct message me for scheduling options.

    IMPORTANT: Due to limited scanner availability, you must be willing to come in on weekends and be available during May and June.






    Contact Name: Max Good
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  • Interaction of neural circuits for working memory and reinforcement learning (021919A)

    Abstract: Get an MRI, complete a learning task, advance science!

    Description: The CCN Lab at UC Berkeley is looking for research participants! We are now running a study involving functional MRI, which is a noninvasive way of measuring brain activity. Subjects will be paid $15 an hour in cash. UC Berkeley Psychology students may also elect to receive 3 RPP credits in lieu of a cash payment. The study takes three hours of your time and requires that you meet our eligibility requirements. Any native or fluent English speaker between the ages of 18-35 with no significant history of brain injury, mental/psychiatric illness like Parkinson's disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression or ADD/ADHD, and no history of alcohol or drug abuse can participate. Participants must also meet MRI safety criteria, as determined with a pre-experiment screening phone call. Participants may not be pregnant or suspect that they might be.

    Please email if you are interested in participating!




    Contact Name:
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  • Neural correlates of stereopsis (082318A)

    Neural bases of 3D-depth perception

    The Levi and Silver labs are looking for participants with normal or corrected to normal vision. We will measure your 3D-depth perception: 10% of participants lack 3D-depth perception. To measure it, you will look at clouds of dots moving in depth on a computer screen. We will scan your brain after the measure and issue 3D images of your brain to you.

    Conditions of eligibility:

    1) normal or corrected-to-normal vision
    2) Age 18-62
    3) No clear claustrophobia, metal in body, pregnancy, tattoo on face/neck, pacemaker
    4) No neurological or psychiatric disorder, or neuro-active medication

    Visits in Minor Hall: 1 visit for 1.5 hour compensated at $15 per hour (+ parking/BART - special rates)
    Visits in Li Ka Shing Center: 2 visits of 2-3h each compensated at $15 per hour (+ parking/BART - special rates)

    Expected total compensation: $82.50 to $112.50



    Contact Name: Elizabeth Lawler
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  • Neural Mechanisms of Visual Crowding (052918A)

    The Whitney lab is conducting a visual study in the lab that lasts approximately 1 hour. We are running this study on the weekdays of July 22nd through Sept 22nd.The study involves viewing pictures/ listening to sounds on a computer and responding to the picture or sounds with button presses on the computer keyboard or mouse. The pay is  $15 per hour. Please write if you are interested in participating. The first ten eligible participants will be accepted. Thank you!



    Contact Name:
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  • Effects of Visual Learning on Prediction (031318A)

    The Silver is recruiting healthy adults to participate in a visual perception study. Participation in this study involves viewing and responding to images presented on a computer screen. It consists of one session lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours.

    Compensation for study participation is $12/hour for the one session.

    To be eligible, subjects must:
    1) Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and normal depth perception. Glasses or contacts are fine.
    2) Normal color vision
    3) Be 18-39 years of age
    4) Have no history of neurological problems
    5) Be taller than 5 feet (in order to look through the viewing apparatus comfortably while seated)

    To participate or learn more, please contact the Silver lab at



    Contact Name: Elizabeth Lawler
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