Individual differences in decision making (060822A)

In this experiment, we seek to better understand decision making processes. In particular, we are interested in the choices people make to obtain reward or to avoid deterrents.

Participants will receive $35/h for in-person MRI sessions with a $35 bonus for completing all sessions and $15/h for behavioural and online sessions.
This experiment will involve two sessions of questionnaires and MRI scanning, each conducted on a separate day. Each session will take between 3-4 hours to complete. At the beginning of each session, you will be asked to complete several questionnaires outside of the scanner about your mood and feelings of motivation. After completing the questionnaires, you will be placed into an MRI scanner and asked to make a series of choices aimed at either maximizing reward points (which will be turned into a performance bonus) or minimizing the amount of electrical stimulation received. You will have control over the setting of the maximum electrical stimulation that will be given to you during the experiment, and all stimulation will be below or equal to the level you determine.
This research will ultimately help us gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of anxiety and depression.

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