Self Control and Behavior (071119A)

Do you struggle with problems due to fighting with people, anger, or aggression?
Have you been sober for at least 6 months after problems with substance or alcohol use?
Have you had a suicide attempt in the past year?
Have you ever had problems like severe debt, legal issues, physical fights, or loss of a job because of your behavior?

If any of the above apply, this study may be a good fit for you. Our research group in the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley is conducting a study to better understand how thoughts and motivations change self-control and behaviors, and how that relates to psychological problems. You can earn up to $330 in return for your time. We are looking for people who are:
- between the ages of 18-55 years old
- able to come to UC Berkeley campus for up to four 2-3 hour visits

If you’re interested, please follow the link below to take a short, anonymous survey that helps determine if the study would be a good fit. It should take about a minute to complete:

If you might be eligible, the short survey will link you to a scheduler where you can sign up for a longer eligibility pre-screening call. If you have questions, you can contact us at or 510-542-8969.





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