Building / Room Reservations
Room Reservation and Use Policy

The Department of Psychology has only a limited number of rooms available for Department business, including scientific/clinical teaching, seminars, presentations, and meetings. Also,the Psychology Department is liable, by contract, for limiting the size of the population in Tolman Hall; therefore,the rooms are only available to people that are part of the Psychology Department. As such, we regret that we are unable to accommodate Room Reservations requests from parties other than Psychology members. Note that any academic business conducted in the rooms must be sanctioned as legitimate by the Department and the campus. If you have any questions please contact

Please see specific policies outlined below.

Beach Room (3105 Tolman) Beach Room Calendar
Warner Brown Room (3201 Tolman) Warner Brown Calendar
Tolman Hall Rooms Room 2301 Calender
Room 2304 Calender Room 2305 Calender
Room 2308 Calender
Psychology Department Coordinated Rooms and Hours of Use Classrooms:
2301 Tolman, 9am-5pm
2304 Tolman, 9am-5pm
2305 Tolman, 9am-5pm
Conference Rooms (by reservation only)
Krech Room (4207 Tolman)
Beach Room (3105 Tolman)
Warner Brown Room (3201 Tolman)
3108 Tolman, by reservation
3112 Tolman, by reservation
2129 Tolman, by reservation
2308 Tolman, by reservation

At this time, we cannot make reservations to conference rooms after 5pm to undergraduate students.

Please note that Psychology Department office business hours are: Mon - Fri, 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 4pm.

For IPSR Library (4131 Tolman) & Colloquium Room (5101 Tolman), please contact

Room Reservation Procedures

Requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance, and within business hours. Room reservations are only available for events sponsored by the Psychology Department and requests are fulfilled in the order received. To make a room reservation, please fill out the room reservation request form here.

Room Use Policy

Activities held in Psychology Department rooms (hereinafter referred to as “rooms”) shall not adversely impact the physical aspects of the rooms or the research, study, or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to the rooms. As the sponsor of the event, you have responsibility to maintain the good order of the room and will be held liable for any damage incurred during your event. If extra custodial services are required after your event, you will be charged a fee for the clean-up.

The activities below are inconsistent with and therefore not approved for general assignment classrooms, and are prohibited at all times

  • Cooking
  • Open flames
  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Excessive/disruptive noise

Defacement of the floor, walls, doors, windows, or any other surface of the room.

  • Removal of furniture from the room/building.
  • Vandalization or defacement of furniture.

At the conclusion of your event:

  • Reset room to its original configuration.
  • Erase chalkboard/whiteboard.
  • Dispose garbage into trash can, and remove excessive refuse from room.
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean and free of debris.
  • Return any furniture borrowed from adjacent rooms

Failure to comply with the above rules may jeopardize your ability to reserve future space through the Psychology Department.