Clinical Science Procedure Rooms

CS has four rooms available for research needs, such as research interviews .

Room 2132 Room 2134 Room 2142 Room 2111
  • These rooms are not to be used as offices.

  • Furniture should be used as it is (e.g., set up for interviews), and no major equipment should be assigned to these rooms.
  • These rooms can be reserved for up to one month at a time.  If demands appear to be outpacing the availability, please alert the DCT, who will discuss priorities with the CS faculty.
  • Rooms can be signed out using the website calendar here.
  • When signing out rooms:

    1. Make sure that no more than 4 reservations are made for any given time.
    2. Click on the date and add the specific times you want to reserve by changing the default away from all day).
    3. Title your appointment with the room number you want to reserve (e.g., Room 2132).
    4. Change the entry to busy instead of free. 
    5. Provide your name and email address (and no confidential information) in the appointment details.
    6. Remember to cancel your reservation if the appointment is cancelled.
  • Each faculty member can obtain one set of keys from Tanya Robles to be shared with their team members.

If you are finding that there is not space to meet your research needs or if you have suggestions or questions, please check in with the DCT to review policies.