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Dear Friends,

As we culminate the celebration of our department’s 100th anniversary, I am celebrating one of my own – 2022 will mark my 22nd year of teaching at UC Berkeley, which even I find hard to believe. UC Berkeley has been a great place to be, and I’m grateful to continue to teach and mentor students who continue to inspire me every day. As I often say, graduate students are the lifeblood of any program. They do the day-to-day work, collect and analyze data, and are invaluable to me, my fellow faculty members, and to the Berkeley Neuroscience PhD Program and the Berkeley Psychology PhD program.

That is why my partner Donatella Scabini and I have recently made a bequest in support of graduate students. The gift will be split evenly between Psychology and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, and I know it will go to support future generations of our incredible graduate students.

Donatella and I are pleased to make this gift because we know that it will have a true impact. So many bright minds, great scholars, inspiring teachers, and big and small changemakers have passed through our halls, labs, and classrooms in the last 100 years. Philanthropic support is essential to ensure that we continue in our excellence.

This year, we have two major funding priorities, both of which are critical to ensuring the continued growth of our department and to maintaining our status as a top Psychology Department in the world. These funding priorities are our faculty and our graduate students. We hope to provide the resources and environment needed for students and faculty to thrive and continue to make important new discoveries about the mind and body as we enter the next 100 years of Berkeley Psychology. We can’t provide this support with without you. Join me and give to Berkeley Psychology and ensure its excellence for many more years to come.

Please support Berkeley Psychology students and faculty with a gift to the annual fund.

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With gratitude,

Bob Knight
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley

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