Janine Menhennet
Year Graduated: 

Perspective on the end of Tolman Hall?  COULDN'T COME SOON ENOUGH!!  I graduated in 1988 and had dozens of classes on this far-est, low-est side of campus, and coming to an ugly building (second only to Evans and Wurster) was always such reward.  Lived on the Snickers bars in the vending machines on Thursdays since had three classes on those days.  Always looked forward to trudging back up through the rest of campus (which is beautiful, especially the LSB glen), to get back home.  Feel like I use my psych major now more than ever, as an attorney.  Or is it just life experience that has given me a unique perspective on what people are wont to do?

Happy to be a psych major from Cal, happy it's the number one psych department in the nation, fond memories (but glad that ugly building is on the destroy list).  Go bears!!!