David LaPensee LCSW, LICSW (76)

David LaPensee
Year Graduated: 

As I enter my forty-third year as a social work psychotherapist, I reflect on the the value of my U.C. Berkeley Psycholgy education. I had the privilege of studying with the late Richard Lazarus Ph. D and Rhona Weinstein Ph. D among many others, and their influence has been maintained throughout my long career. I was an economically disadvantaged student, coming from a divorced, broken family, but the opportunity, that I was I miraculously given to study at U.C. Berkeley Psychology, has made a tremendous difference in my life, and the lives of those I have been privileged to treat. There is no doubt that my U. C. Berkeley Psychology education prepared me well for what has been my mission, and after practicing in Massachusetts for thirty seven years, I transitioned to the state of Florida, where I have continued to practice privately, since 2017. I hope to continue to do so, as I move into my seventy-second year, and each day I reflect on the miracle that happened to me in 1974 when I took my first class at my beloved alma-mater.