Tier II & Tier III Requirements (Applicable to students Admitted Fall 2016 through Spring 2019)

Students must take at least 8 upper division courses according to the guidelines below.


Tier II: Survey - A total of 5 courses with at least one in each area

Course Options

Cognitive &



Tier II: Survey Courses

Psych 110*
Psych 114

Psych C115C
Psych 117
Psych 124
Psych 125
Psych C127

Psych C120
Psych C126
Psych 140
Psych C143

Psych 147

Psych 150
Psych 156
Psych 160
Psych 166AC
Psych 180

Psych 130

Psych 131
Psych 134
Psych 135

* Effective Fall 2016 through Summer 2020 - Due to Academic Senate regulations regarding credit restrictions, students will not receive credit for Psych 110 if Psych/MCB C61 is taken prior.  This means it will not be able to satisfy a Tier II or Tier III requirement. Students must take another course to meet the upper division Psychology major requirements.


* Effective Fall 2020 - Psych 124: The Evolution of Human Social Behavior is eligible to count as a tier 2 biological upper-division requirement.


* Effective Spring 2022 - Psych C115C: Neuroethology: Complex Animal Behaviors and Brains is eligible to count as a tier 2 biological upper-division requirement.



Tier III: Electives - A total of 3 Additional Upper-Division Psychology Courses 

  • Select three courses from upper-division psychology courses numbered 104-182. Each course must be at least 3.0 units.
  • Any excess Tier II survey courses will count towards Tier III.
  • The course number 192 is used to designate a new class and may apply toward one of the electives.


Additional information regarding upper division Psychology course requirements: 

Psych 102, H194, H195, 197, 198, and 199 do not count toward the coursework requirement although students are encouraged to become involved in research.


Students may take up to two upper division courses outside the department to satisfy these rquirements.  See a list of courses that have been previously approved on our website here.


Sample Psychology Major Schedule