What Am I Doing Here?

Graduate training in any field stands on three legs: coursework, research, and teaching. The Graduate Program in Psychology is intended to address all three elements. Each student takes a series of courses (mostly proseminars and seminars) to provide both breadth and depth of preparation in the field; there is a graded series of research opportunities, culminating in the dissertation; and every student in the program, regardless of source of support, serves as a teaching assistant (known at UCB as a Graduate Student Instructor, or GSI).


This guide, organized around a number of Frequently Asked Questions (or perhaps questions that should be asked more frequently), is intended to help you construct a framework for your time here. Note that each graduate area has its own particular course requirements; furthermore, due to accreditation requirements, the program in Clinical Science involves a number of specialized and applied courses, breadth courses, and an internship. So you should consult your area’s Graduate Advisor for specific advice about how to navigate through the program.