Student Organizations

Graduate Assembly of Students in Psychology (GASP). The Graduate Assembly of Students in Psychology (GASP) is a student-run organization representing graduate students in the Department. All psychology graduate students are automatically members of GASP. The purpose of GASP is to support its members by advocating for student rights and resources, facilitating the dissemination of vital information, and promoting the creation of social networks.


GASP also has a Diversity Task Force, with the following aims:

  • Draw on discussions with thoughtful colleagues about how issues of culture/diversity impact the students’ research choices, methods, and professional decisions.
  • Examine the Department’s program strengths and weakness in maintaining a diverse faculty and student body, and in addressing issues of culture in curricula, research, and clinical/community work.
  • Initiate important steps to strengthen the graduate program in the following ways: providing links with the diverse Bay Area communities, promoting faculty positions that address diversity, and helping to design and encourage curricula that integrate issues of culture/diversity throughout the semester.

The Task Force Chair attends meetings of the Department’s Climate and Equity Committee, which is charged with advising the addressing issues of diversity, equity, climate, and inclusion in the Department.