Degree Requirements: Teaching

Two-semester teaching requirement. Each student is required to be a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for two semesters. One Summer Session or one online course may count toward this two-semester requirement.


Applying for GSI positions. Students should attend to notices sent periodically via email by the Graduate Student Services Advisor regarding GSI application procedures and deadlines. It is each student’s responsibility to submit timely applications and to meet the GSI requirement. Students may be assigned to Psychology 101 Research and Data Analysis regardless of the course preferences they list on their application. For any given term, Psych grads may apply to as many positions as they would like, however a minumum of at least three positions must be selected when submitting an application.  


GSI selection procedure. Funding guarantees are based on receipt of timely GSI applications; late applications are not guaranteed priority placement even if funding is needed. However, the department tries to offer appointments to all students as needed in their first five years of the program.


GSI contract. If a student secures alternative funding prior to committing to a GSIship, she/he/they must notify the Graduate Student Services Advisor immediately. Once a student accepts the Academic Student Employee offer, it is expected that she/he/they will fulfill this contractual obligation.