Donald A. Riley

Donald A. Riley
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Research Area: 
Research Interests: 
Cognitive processes in animals
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    Named 2004 Psychology Distinguished Alumnus by Ohio State University.

    Received Comparative Cognition Society Research Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Study of Cognitive Processes in Animals (2010).

  • placeSelected Publications

    Riley, D. A. (1958)  The Nature of the effective stimulus in animal discrimination learning: Transposition reconsidered. Psychological Review65, 1-7.

    Riley, D. A., Goggin, J. P., and Wright, D. C. (1963)  Training level and cue-separation as determiners of of transposition and retention in rats. J. comp. physiol. Psychol56, 1044-1049.

    Riley,  D. A. (1968)  Discrimination Learning. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

    Singer, B., Zentall, T., and Riley, D. A. (1969)  Stimulus generalization and the easy-to-hard effect.   J. comp. physiol., Psychol69, 528-535.

    Riley, D. A. and Leith, C. R. (1976)  Multidimensional psychophysics and selective attention in animals. Psychological Bulletin83, 138-160.

    Cook, R. G., Brown, M. F. and Riley, D. A. (1985)   Flexible memory processing in rats: Use of prospective and retrospective information in the radial maze. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 11, 453-469.

    Langley, C. M., Riley, D. A., Bond, A. B., and Goel, N.  (1996) Visual search  for natural grains in pigoens (Columba livia): Search images and selective attention. Journal of Experimental PsychologyAnimal Behavior Processes22, 139-151.

    Zentall, T. R. and Riley, D. A. (2000) Selective attention in animal discrimination learning. J. Gen. Psychol127, 45-66.

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