Anne Collins
Associate Professor
2121 Berkeley Way West
PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, UPMC Paris
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Human learning, decision-making and executive functions; Computational modeling at multiple levels (cognitive and neuroscience); Behavioral, EEG, drug and genes studies in healthy or patient populations.Human learning, decision-making and executive functions; Computational modeling at multiple levels (cognitive and neuroscience); Behavioral, EEG, imaging, drug and developmental studies in healthy or patient populations.
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    We study the multiple neuro-cognitive processes that contribute to learning, decision-making and executive functions.

    We use quantitative modeling at different levels of description (eg. reinforcement learning, Bayesian inference, and neural network modeling) to study the computations performed by cognitive or neural systems.

    To inform the quantitative theories developped, we perform behavioral, as well as EEG, imaging or developmental experiments in healthy or patient adult populations.

  • placeSelected Publications

    Surprise! dopamine signals mix action, value and error (2015). Anne G. E. Collins, Michael J. Frank. Nature Neuroscience

    8-Month-Old Infants Spontaneously Learn and Generalize Hierarchical Rules (2015). Denise M. Werchan, Anne G. E. Collins, Michael J. Frank, and Dima Amso. Psychological Science

    Working memory contributions to reinforcement learning impairments in Schizophrenia (2014). Anne GE Collins, Jaime Brown, James Gold, James Waltz, Michael J Frank. Journal of Neuroscience

    A Reinforcement Learning Mechanism Responsible for the Valuation of Free Choice (2014). Cockburn, J, Collins, AGE, and Frank, MJ. Neuron

    Human EEG uncovers latent generalizable rule structure during learning (2014). Collins, AGE, Cavanagh, JF, and Frank, MJ. Journal of Neuroscience

    Opponent Actor Learning (OpAL): Modeling interactive effect of striatal dopamine on reinforcement learning and choice incentive (2014). Collins, AGE and Frank, MJ. Psychological Review

    Foundations of human reasoning in the prefrontal cortex (2014). Donoso, M, Collins, AGE, Koechlin,E. Science

    Cognitive control over learning: Creating, clustering and Generalizing task-set structure (2013). Collins, AGE and Frank, MJ. Psychological Review

    How much of reinforcement learning is working memory, not reinforcement learning? A behavioral, computational and neurogenetic analysis (2012). Collins, AGE and Frank, MJ. European Journal of Neuroscience

    Reasoning, Learning, and Creativity: Frontal Lobe Function and Human Decision-Making (2012). Collins A, Koechlin E. PLoS Biology

    Negative Symptoms and the Failure to Represent the Expected Reward Value of Actions: Behavioral and Computational Modeling Evidence  (2012). Gold, JM; Waltz, JA; Matveeva, TM; Kasanova, Z; Strauss, G; Herbener, E; Collins, AGE; Frank, MJ. Arch Gen Psychiatry

    A computational theory of prefrontal executive control (2009). Collins, A. and Koechlin, E. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

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