Congratulations to Nancy Liu and Erika Roach

Nancy Liu

Dr. Nancy Liu, who received a 2021 Walfish Award from the American Psychological Foundation for her primary role on "A framework for culturally humble therapeutic responses using the deliberate practice multicultural orientation video prompts."


The Steven O. Walfish Grants supported by the Div. 42 Next Generation Fund promote and support the next generation of student and early career practitioner psychologists to expand the knowledge base in the practice of psychology. Priority considerations are given to candidates whose research addresses the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; considerations and impact of telehealth, including but not limited to the practice of telehealth during COVID-19; cultural and ethnic issues bearing on providing psychological services to individuals and groups.


Graduate student Erika Roach, who received the 2021 Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (SSCP ). Outstanding Student Teacher Award.


This award is intended to recognize outstanding graduate students who are providing exceptional contributions to the field of clinical psychology through their teaching. SSCP encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds, broadly defined.  Winners will be selected based upon his/her dedication to, creativity in, and excellence in teaching in the area of clinical science (this can include experience as a teaching assistant; see below for examples).