Congratulations to Jason Okonofua and his collaborators for receiving the 2022 SINGLE CONTRIBUTION CIALDINI PRIZE from SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology).

Jason Okonofua

Started in 2008, the Robert B. Cialdini Prize recognizes the author(s) of a publication that uses field methods and demonstrates relevance to outside groups. It is designed to recognize the publication that best explicates social psychological phenomena principally through the use of field research methods and settings and that thereby demonstrates the relevance of the discipline to communities outside of academic social psychology within a given year.


Lifting the bar: A relationship-orienting intervention reduces recidivism among children reentering school from juvenile detention: Gregory M. Walton, Kathleen Remington Cunningham, Daniel Hurst, Elizabeth Weitz, and Jennifer L. Eberhardt (Stanford University); Jason A. Okonofua (University of California, Berkeley); Andres Pinedo (University of Michigan); Juan P. Ospina (The Ohio State University); and Hattie Tate (Oakland Unified School District).