What can typing tell us about language production and monitoring? - Bonnie Nozari
Please note start time of 11:10am. From the perspective of cognitive science, typing is fascinating in that it sits right at the intersection of language production, motor control, and visual processing systems. So far, the majority of studies on typing have focused on the motor control aspect. The common assumption is that the lexical and sublexical processes involved in typing are encapsulated modules, and typing errors are mostly motoric errors. In this talk, I will first show that typing errors are heavily linguistically influenced, and that their pattern suggests a system in which sublexical processing influences lexical processing, contrary to the claim of modular views. Next, I will present a series of experiments examining the role of visual information in accuracy and timing of typing, as well as conscious detection and correction of typing errors. Time permitting, I will discuss some EEG data on how information from the internal (linguistic and motor) channels is combined with the external (visual processing) channel to monitor and regulate typing performance.
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Friday, April 23, 2021
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Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences
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Bonnie Nozari