International Student Questions

Q: Why do I need to pay an additional $200 fee if accepted into the program? And where do I pay this fee?

A: International students who are accepted to the program must submit an international student application and a one-time fee of $200 for F-1 Visa processing to our UC Extensions program. Please email for more information.


Q: Do I have student housing offered to me as an international student?

A: International post-bac students are eligible for housing at UC Berkeley's International House (I-House). UC Berkeley Extension also provides more information on housing placement assistance—especially for international students who are traveling from abroad.


Q: Will my paperwork be processed in time for the first day of instruction?

A: We have chosen application dates that allow sufficient time for required paperwork (including visa) to be processed prior to the beginning of the semester. It is important for students to submit their paperwork by the provided deadlines to ensure that there are no delays.


Q: Why am I required to purchase the $650 per semester health insurance if admitted?

A: This is a visa requirement set by law. The Program Director will put you in touch with officials at UC Extension to discuss a possible waiver.


Q: What is the school code for ETS (TOEFL scores)?

A: Our school code for ETS (TOEFL scores) is 9216.