Coursework Questions

Q. How many courses am I expected to take each semester?

A: For most semesters, students are expected to take three core courses, one professional development class, and attend a graduate-level colloquium series. In addition, post-bacs will be enrolled in a class as part of their research internship. Exceptions to this general plan should be discussed with the Program Director.


Q: Which psychology courses am I required to take before applying to the program?

A: None! Many of our students will have no training or coursework in the field psychology at all. The intensive program is designed to allow you to complete the equivalent of a psychology major and gain research experience in 3 or 4 semesters. 


Q: If I’m not sure about which graduate path I want to pursue, can I take classes in multiple areas of psychology?

A: We expect and encourage our post-bacs to sample across all our course offerings, using the post-bac time to define their interests. The tracks listed on the website are intended to provide sample programs for those who have a clear sense of their area of interest.


Q: If I have already taken a required course in the past, do I still need to take it in your program?

A: Students can replace up to two required courses (General Psychology and one other) if they can demonstrate that they have taken an equivalent of that course at another institution. These decisions will be made in consultation with the Program Director.


Q: Can I take courses and/or am I required to take courses over the summer?

A: Courses taken during the summer session may not be applied to the Psychology Post Baccalaureate Program.