Financial Questions

Q: Do you offer financial assistance or lowered costs?

A: Certificate programs including the Psychology Post-Baccalaureate Program are not eligible for state or federal student loans.  We do not have the ability to offer sliding scale fees or exceptional need discounts for our students.  Information on financial aid for this program can be found at the UC Berkeley Extensions financial aid site link. Please note that UC Extension can now certify loans that pay tuition, program and registration fees, supplies (e.g. books), and living expenses.


Q: What are the semester program fees and when are they due?

A: The program fee is $49,500 or $55,000 total depending on whether the program is completed in three or four semesters. Program fees are due by the first day of instruction of each term.  The program fee does not include the following nonrefundable fees: a $125 registration fee and a $250 nonrefundable Cal 1 Card fee. The Cal 1 Card provides library privileges, Class Pass (AC Transit bus sticker), access to Recreational Sports, and the ability to purchase dining points through Cal Dining.


Q: If I pay for a semester and then decide to withdraw early after, what is the refund policy?

A: The $375 charge for registration and the Cal 1 card—which are not included within the $15,000 fee per semester—are non-refundable.   If a student that wishes to withdraw before the start of the semester, the refundable portion of the fees will be entirely refunded.  Once classes start, the refund is reduced by $1000/week through the fifth week. No refunds are provided after the fifth week.


Q: Are there work-study opportunities offered to students in the program?

A: Post-bac students will have limited work-study options from the Department of Psychology. Post-bac students are eligible to serve as “readers” during their second year in the program.  Readers help in grading exams and papers. The pay level is established by a University contract and is approximately $15.50/hour. Eligible students may be eligible to obtain 30-60 hours of work each semester.