General Questions

Q: Why should I complete this program instead of a Masters program or a post-baccalaureate program at another school?

A: There are a variety of post-baccalaureate programs that are out there. Our program is not for everyone. At Berkeley, our goal is to prepare our students for doctoral programs at the top research universities around the world, programs in which admission is highly competitive. Students who only need to take a few psychology courses to boost their college GPA, or are looking to complete a Masters, PsyD, or PhD program at a less competitive program may be better suited by another program, including the post-baccalaureate program offered by UC Berkeley Extension. Similarly, students who intend to go straight into the workforce after earning the post-baccalaureate certification should also consider other programs. 


Q:  What is the relationship of the post-baccalaureate program offered by the Department of Psychology and the one offered by UC Extension?

A:  As noted above, the two programs target different students. Our program is specifically designed to prepare students who wish to obtain a Ph.D. in a research-based program. Thus, a major component in our program is the research internship. Students in our program enroll through UC Extension but this is only for administrative purposes. All classes and research are done on the main UC Berkeley campus. Read about the UC Extension program.


Q: Can I attend your program as a half-time student so I can keep my current job?

A: We believe the commitment required to do the coursework, lab work, and extracurricular opportunities that comprise our program will be similar to a full time job.  To ensure students complete the program in a timely manner, we do not offer a part-time option.   We cannot, of course, limit you from working outside the program;  but we do want to make clear that holding a full-time job is likely to compromise your time for the program and adversely impact the long-term goal—to get you into a competitive graduate school.


Q: Can I tour your program?

A: Unfortunately, we do not currently offer tours of our program or laboratories. If you are interested in participating in a campus tour, please contact the UC Berkeley Visitor's Services Center


Q: What are your completion rates?

A: The program started in the fall semester of 2014.  We anticipate that our first group of post-bacs started graduate school in Fall 2017. Please see the "Our Students" tab for further information.


Q: What are your acceptance rates?

A: Historically, our acceptance rate has been approximately 50%.  Because the program size is limited by the number of research internships we can provide, and because we have seen an increase in the number of applicants, our admissions rate has been steadily decreasing. 


Q: If I am admitted into your program, is there student housing available?

A: Our post-baccalaureate students are not eligible to reside in University housing.  However, the city of Berkeley and the surrounding East Bay cities have housing options near transit hubs. Most locals find housing on Craigslist. A good resource for tenant rights and resources is the City of Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board. UC Berkeley Extension also provides more information on housing placement assistance—especially for international students who are traveling from abroad.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, do I have access to public transportation?

A: Students enrolled in our program are given a Cal-1 card.  This card allows you to use the wonderful AC Transit system; providing transportation throughout the Berkeley area and adjacent cities at no charge.  Please note that this card does not allow students free access to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, do I have access to a gym?

A: Students enrolled in our program are given a Cal-1 card that provides free access to all of the recreational facilities on the UC Berkeley campus.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, do I have access to the UC Berkeley libraries?

A: Students enrolled in our program are given a Cal-1 card that provides access to all university libraries. You also have access to on-line library and database services of the University.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, do I have access to the UC Berkeley healthcare?

A: Because our post-baccalaureate students are neither undergraduate nor graduate students, we are not allowed to offer health care to our domestic students.  Domestic students in need of health insurance can apply for coverage through Covered California. Open enrollment generally runs November 15 through February 15.  There are several individual health plans available in the area from the following providers including Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Health Net, Blue Shield and Anthem. By law, international students must have health insurance while in a visa-linked program. The University will provide this mandated insurance coverage for a fee of $700 per term (international students, only). International students may ask Extension about a waiver of this requirement.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, have a disability, and am in need of academic accommodations. How do I get started?

A: We offer a variety of assistance options for people with disabilities. Please visit UC Berkeley Extension’s Disabled Student Services webpage for further information.


Q: If I am admitted into your program, am I eligible to apply for an on-campus parking permit? If so, how do I get one?

A: Enrolled students living more than two miles from the main campus are eligible to purchase a student campus parking permit. Proof of residency will be required.