Special Instructions for Clinical Science Program Applicants

Admission information to apply Fall 2016, for the 2017-18 academic year.  (Note: There are no comparable informational sheets for other Areas of the Psychology Department.)


Dear graduate program in Clinical Science applicants,

Central to our philosophy of research training is the notion that Clinical Science graduate students should be involved in the process of learning about research during all years of their residence in our program. To facilitate research experience, each student is invited to join a faculty member’s research group upon admission. This mentorship provides new students with the opportunity to learn about the faculty member’s research area from close contact with the faculty member and his or her students. Although most students maintain that relationship beyond the first year, there is flexibility in choosing a research mentor and establishing other research relationships as one progresses through the program.

We strongly advise that you read the research descriptions of faculty posted on the website before completing your application. The following Clinical Science professors are considering the mentorship of new students in Fall 2017:

Professors Aaron Fisher, Allison Harvey and Robert Levenson, and Emeriti Professors Philip Cowan, Carolyn Cowan and Rhona Weinstein will not be available to mentor new students in Fall 2017.

After reading the research descriptions, please indicate on the application the Clinical Science program faculty whose research best fits your interests. The list should be by order of preference and include a brief explanation. Please note that although a faculty member may be interested in mentoring a new student, all admissions decisions are made by the Admissions Committee, not by individual faculty members.

For Fall of 2016, the committee reviewed 321 applicants to form an incoming class of 8. As with any graduate program, test scores and GPAs are considered. The average Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores and cumulative GPAs of students starting the program August 2016:

  • GRE Verbal - 165
  • GRE Quantitative - 161
  • GRE Writing - 5.1
  • GPA - 3.82

In addition to these measures, careful consideration is given to your Statement of Purpose, research experience, and letters of recommendation. An outstanding record in any one of these areas, particularly in research experience, may compensate for poorer performance in another.

NOTE: Because of the large number of applicants we are not able to answer individual inquires after the application deadline.  Please be assured that you will hear from us about the status of your application as soon as decisions have been made.

Information about Clinical Science programs from the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology.