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Fox squirrels use ‘chunking’ to organize their favorite nuts

Like trick-or-treaters sorting their Halloween candy haul, fox squirrels apparently organize their stashes of nuts by variety, quality and possibly even preference, according to new UC Berkeley research.


The study, published today...

Congratulations to Oliver John on receiving the Society for Personality and Social Psychology's 2017 Block Award!

The Block Award is SPSP's senior career award for research accomplishment in personality psychology. It was named for Jack Block, who was known for his analytic and theoretical sophistication and depth, as well as for his broad interests. The...

More education linked to better cognitive functioning later in life

Higher levels of education are tied to later ages of peak cognitive functioning, according to new research published today in the journal PLoS One.


The study, led by UC Berkeley researchers, examined relationships between...

Congratulations to Christina Maslach on receiving the Society for Personality and Social Psychology's 2017 Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award!

“Few 20th-century, research-based psychological constructs have become so widely recognized that dictionaries date their etymology to around the time when they were coined in a professional publication.  “Burnout” is one such construct. ...

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Professor Alison Gopnik
Wall Street Journal Column

Alumni Stories

After Cal, I earned a master's degree in school counseling in Texas, a teaching credential in special education, an educational diagnostician credential, and EdD in Special Education (Teachers...

I always knew I wanted to work in Student Affairs, so while I was an undergraduate Psych major at Cal, I worked as a Resident Adviser and then a Hall Coordinator in the Residence Halls. After I...

After getting my undergraduate degree at Cal, I got a PhD in Psycholinguistics at Michigan. Am now teaching at Los Angeles Pierce College. My main research interest is musical rhythm. Website:...


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