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Department Highlights

Perception Science Summer Internship Program for High Schoolers

This internship offers advanced high-school students the opportunity to be involved with cutting-edge research in vision science. In this immersive experience, students will be involved in every step of the research process, and will be working alongside Whitney lab members to create and test...

‘Does what I study even matter now?’ Yes, it does. Here’s why.

Every once in a while, I have an existential crisis. I question my career, my relevance, my purpose. Why, I ask myself, am I doing research when there are so many more immediately important things going on? Why do I agonize over articles that so very few people read? Who cares about our ivory...

Congratulations to Mahesh!

Assistant Professor Mahesh Srinivasan was recently named a “Rising Star” by the Association for Psychological Science. The Rising Star designation recognizes “outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research career post-PHD whose innovative work has already advanced...

Why The Lights Don’t Dim When We Blink

Every few seconds, our eyelids automatically shutter and our eyeballs roll back in their sockets. So why doesn’t blinking plunge us into intermittent darkness and light?

New research led by UC Berkeley shows that the brain works extra hard to stabilize our vision despite our fluttering...

Faculty Blogs and Columns

Professor Alison Gopnik
Wall Street Journal Column

Alumni Stories

Alan Schwartz (PhD 1997) was named Editor-in-Chief of Medical Decision Making, the journal of the Society for Medical Decision Making, in January 2013. Alan continues to pursue his research and...

While in my senior year I started entrepreneur activities with my buddy who was a grad. student at a different department.  I kept doing that after graduating with my B.A. in Psychology, and...

Graduated in 1967 and began teaching in Oakland.  It didn't take long to think "someone ought to be able to run schools better than this"!   So I went back to school in school administration and...


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