Research Participation Program

Your Guide to the Research Participation Program and Pool

**Use of the RPP is limited to Psychology Department faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral students.**

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Fall 2015

For Students: Important RPP Dates

August 26th

First Day to access the online Prescreening Survey

Click here to access prescreening survey
PLEASE NOTE: MS IE or Firefox web browsers recommended.

August 26th First Day to Set up an Experimetrix Account

September 7th

Last Day to Complete the RPP Prescreening Survey by 12 pm (noon)

September 8th

First Day to Sign up for Experiments

October 18th

Last day to earn Phase I credit

December 3rd

Last Day to Participate in Experiments

December 3rd

Last Day for Experimenters to Credit Participants

December 4th

Last Day to Allocate Credits to Psychology Courses


Please see link below for more information on prescreening, creating an Experimetrix account, signing up for experiments, Phase I and II requirements, and allocating credit.
Important Information for Students



Fall 2015

For Researchers: Important RPP Dates

August 19th

Prescreening Application Materials & Qualtrics Survey due

Aug 26th-Sep 7th

Online Prescreening Survey Testing

August 31th  

RPP Phase I Application due

September 7th

Researchers Receive Prescreening Information

September 8th

First day to run Phase I Experiments


RPP Phase II begins

December 3rd  

Last Day to Run Experiments and Credit Participants

  Please see link below for more information on applying to use the RPP pool, posting studies on Experimetrix, and important RPP policies for researchers.
Important Information for Researchers


About the Research Participation Program (RPP)

UC Berkeley is known worldwide for its outstanding research and the Department of Psychology adds to that reputation with a long history of important, breakthrough work. The Research Participation Program (RPP) gives undergraduate students a chance to participate in some of this research. As a participant in RPP surveys and experiments, you help the department's graduate student and faculty researchers answer important questions about psychology. Your participation offers you a chance to learn more about research methods and the latest topics and to meet faculty and graduate student researchers.

To encourage participation in the RPP, your psychology course is allowing you to receive research participation credit as part of your grade. Participation in the RPP involves participating in a certain number of experiments throughout the semester. In addition, you can earn one RPP credit at the beginning of the semester by completing the optional Prescreening Survey.

It is your choice to volunteer, or not, for the program. Students in the RPP program courses who choose to not volunteer should speak with their instructor or GSI about an alternative task. We hope, however, that you will choose to participate. This information explains the program in further detail. If you do participate, keep this information as a reference about the program's policies and your role in it.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the RPP. If you are not 18, please notify your instructor or GSI and obtain an alternative task.

For questions about the RPP please email rpp at