Untreated hearing loss can have devastating and alienating repercussions on a person’s life: isolation, depression, sapped cognition, even dementia. Yet only one in five Americans who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one. Some don’t seek help because their loss has been so gradual... Read more »
Donald Trump’s ego may be the size of his financial empire, but that doesn’t mean he’s the picture of mental health. The same can be said about the self-esteem of people who are living from paycheck to paycheck, or unemployed. New research from UC Berkeley underscores this mind-wallet connection... Read more »
It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of materialism, which has been shown to undermine happiness. There’s a simple antidote: Practice gratitude. As the holiday shopping season moves into high gear, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of spending. But consider this conclusion from recent... Read more »
Scientists have found ways to send messages from brain to brain, and developed methods to scan a person's gray matter and sketch an image of their thoughts. It's only a matter until they can read your mind, right? Don't worry. While great advances in understanding the brain are being made, no one's... Read more »
In Tolman Hall, Seth Rosenfeld, author of "Subversives," connected the dots from Edward Tolman's stand against the UC loyalty oath to the Free Speech Movement. (UC Berkeley photo by Barry Bergman) If you’ve ever been to Tolman Hall, you probably reached it not by rigid adherence to a series of... Read more »
A decade ago, Aaron Fisher was a nanny in Manhattan for a successful actor (don’t ask who; he can’t tell) after giving up his dream of being a famous rock musician in San Francisco. Feeling at loose ends one night, the Wesleyan-University-trained guitarist scanned the Web and randomly... Read more »
The Science of Awe! Can psychologists chart what happens when nature blows your mind? This month in "Sierra" magazine features an article on the work being explored in Professor Dacher Keltner's lab. The research centers on inner city kids getting out in nature. A graduate student in Dacher's lab,... Read more »