Facilitating DeCal Courses

What is a DeCal?

DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) courses offer students the opportunity to teach a topic in which they have training and about which they feel passionate. Students may propose a course, and if the proposal is approved, they will work with a faculty member to design, facilitate and manage a semester-long class.


When is the deadline?
To have your DeCal proposal reviewed for the Spring 2018 semester, please schedule a meeting with an Undergraduate Advisor by Friday, September 29th. Please allot 15-20 minutes. After the proposal review meeting, all required paperwork must be submitted in person to the Student Services Office (3305 Tolman Hall) by Friday, October 13th.


The deadline for Spring 2018 DeCal course proposals to be turned in to the Student Services Office is Friday, October 13th.

** Electronic, late, or incomplete submissions will not be considered. **


NEW Training Requirement for Spring 2018 - All first-time student-facilitators must undergo training.  The Student Learning Center’s Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training and Resources unit (UCFTR) offers a number of workshops and one-on-one trainings each semester to support students. Additionally student facilitators may enroll in the Craft of Facilitating course (EDUC 197, Sec 12) in order to get on-going support and credit for their work. For more information please refer to:http://slc.berkeley.edu/undergraduate-course-facilitator-training-resources-ucftr


What should be included in the proposal packet?

1. Course Proposal Form, signed by your faculty sponsor.  This form has been updated for Spring 2018.  Please download the NEW form here: http://academic-senate.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/course_proposal_form_packet_2017.pdf


2. Fully developed syllabus. A sample of what to include in your syllabus is available on the teaching.berkeley.edu website here:  http://teaching.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/syllabus_components.pdf 


3. Responses to the first four questions listed on the Course Proposal Form. If responses can be found in the syllabus, you should clearly indicate in which section of the syllabus the answer can be found. If responses are not incorporated into the syllabus, they must be typed on a separate sheet of paper.


4. Unit Value Worksheet. This form can be downloaded from the Academic Senate website here: http://academic-senate.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/unitvalueworksheet_2017.pdf 


5. Faculty Sponsor Letter of Support. This is a NEW requirement for Spring 2018.  Please review the requirements for this letter on the Academic Senate website here:  http://academic-senate.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/faculty_sponsor_letter.2017.pdf  Proposals that do not include this letter will be automatically rejected.  


6. Psychology DeCal Course Information Form.  This form can be downloaded here





How do I obtain Department Chair's approval, and when?

You are only responsible for obtaining the faculty sponsor signature. Once the Student Services Office reviews proposal packets for completeness, we will submit all proposals to the Department Chair for review. Please do not submit directly to the Department Chair.


How do I obtain Academic Senate approval, and when?

The department will forward proposals to Academic Senate on facilitators' behalf.


How can I be sure the room I get is set-up with a projector or other technology or space needs?

When you fill out your Psychology DeCal Course Information Form be sure to include information such as, "need a room with a projector,"  or "chairs need to be moveable." Please note that the Psychology department cannot provide technical classroom support, so if you need a projector it is best to request a room that is supported by the campus Educational Technology Services (ETS).


How can I publish my DeCal course?

To publish your course on the DeCal website, please submit a copy of the approved proposal to the Program for Democratic Education at Cal located in Eshleman Hall, Compound 312C, Station 17.


How do I handle DeCal course enrollment and roster?

Course facilitators are responsible for ensuring accurate enrollment in consultation with the Department Scheduling Coordinator. Rosters may be obtained from the faculty sponsor. We strongly encourage you to finalize enrollment by the end of the 4th week of instruction.


Can I receive Psych 197 Internship units for facilitating a DeCal course?

Yes. If you would like to receive Psych 197 units for facilitating a DeCal course, you can submit a Psych 197 (Field Study) Application along with your proposal, or separately by the Add/Drop deadline. Your DeCal faculty sponsor is also the sponsor for your Psych 197 units, and your application should be signed by him/her.

Psych 197 is offered for 1-3 units. Facilitators enroll in 197 units up to the unit value of the DeCal course they facilitate.

You may not receive Psych 199 units for facilitating a DeCal course. Psych 199 Applications submitted for this purpose will be denied.


How can I set up a bCourses course site?

Your faculty sponsor, who is the Instructor of Record for the course, will need to set up the bCourses site and delegate access to you.


Where can I get more information?


Lastly, a friendly word of reminder...

As a facilitator of a DeCal course, you will assume a lot of responsibilities resembling those of an instructor in order to create a positive experience for all participants. We strongly encourage you to review this webpage and links provided above, to maintain close contact with your faculty sponsor to ensure clear communication, and to seek help as needed. Happy DeCal facilitating!