Vicki Ann Green
Year Graduated: 
Master's Degree

I received my bachelors degree in Psychology in winter 1961.  I had been in the first group of Honors students in the department (this program was started in the second semester of my junior year). As an undergraduate, I worked as a  research assistant for Drs. Krech and Rosensweig.  

I was admitted into the doctoral program in winter 1961.  My thesis advisor was Gerald McClearn.   !--break-- In summer 1964, I took a leave of absence from the doctoral program moving to the University of Illinois to follow my first husband to his first job in the Dept. of Psychology.  (At the U of I, I worked for 5 years as a Research Associate.)  Before leaving UC, Berkeley, at Dr. McClearn's insistence, I wrote up my research to date into a formal document and was awarded a master's degree from the department.   Unfortunately, I did not return to UC, Berkeley having followed my then husband to Colorado State University where I reentered graduate school in 1972.  

I completed a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology in the summer of 1974 and was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at Oklahoma State University.  In my first two years at OSU, I also completed a half-time clinical child post-doctoral program (the department at OSU wanted me to teach clinical child courses, etc., and I felt I needed further training to do this!).  I took my first and second OSU sabbaticals at the Institute of Human Development at UC, Berkeley (sponsored by Dorothy Eichorn) and completed an oral history of the Institute (these oral histories are housed in the Bancroft Library).  After ten years as an Assistant and Associate Professor, I was appointed Department Head at OSU.  I was promoted to Full Professor several years thereafter, working as Department Head for nine years and eventually retiring in 1995 as a Professor Emeritus. 

I took a follow-up job as a Psychology Department Chair at Northern Arizona University.   I worked in this capacity for 5 years, stepping down to teach for my remaining years (5) at NAU.   I retired in 2005 as a Professor Emeritus from NAU. 

In 2012, I moved to Napa, CA.