Kristel Anne Allen
Year Graduated: 

Kristel is currently in private practice as a Somatic Psychotherapist in San Francisco.  After graduating from Cal she pursued studies in Yoga, Insight Meditation and Bodywork through a year long travel study through India and Thailand.  Returning to Southern California in 2002, she continued to study Bodywork, Massage and Yoga.  After a 7 year private practice as both a Yoga Teacher and massage therapist in Santa Monica, she went on to complete over a year of Gestalt Awareness Practice and continuing therapuetic studies at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.  Returning to the Bay area in 2009, she went on to complete a Masters in Counseling through the California Institute of Integral Studies for Somatic Psychotherapy.

Her studies at Cal left her with a hunger to learn from what excited her, and to commit herself to leading a life with curiosity towards the power we have as embodied and conscious beings.  She finds great pleasure looking deeper into the nature of consciousness, and not only relying on the mental faculties that organize life as we know it.  Living with this curiosity has served her a life education that is continually evolving and life-giving.

Kristel's practice in psychotherapy weaves relational models of psychotherapy and research on attachement with Somatic interventions that help people gain access to how they are living their situation as a bodily experience.  She teaches her clients to influence how they are living their life through being aware of what is happening in the present moment through information that is given to them through arousal states, bodily vibrations, and different ways that their experience is being lived.  She has learned that this kind of awareness and relating gives access to ways of being that are more vital and less depleting.  You can read more about her practice on her website at