Jennifer Mangels
Year Graduated: 

I am a full professor of Psychology at Baruch College, one of the senior colleges of the City University of New York. Apparently to make sure that nothing happens in my department that I don't know about, I currently serve as Deputy Chair of my department and Director of Undergraduate Programs. I mentor a small cadre of graduate students as an active member of the Doctoral Program in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Training Area at the Graduate Center of CUNY, and because it also seems necessary that I know about everything in that program, I currently serve as Clusterhead of the Brain, Cognition and Behavior Cluster (which sounds worse than it is). After holding a faculty position at Columbia University for 9 years, I now keep active ties with that institution as a Research Associate in Psychology. I note that I crossed paths with a number of UCB's current junior faculty at Berkeley while at Columbia (you know who you are). Nonetheless, one of my proudest accomplishments has been to mentor two CUNY undergraduates who became NSF pre-doctoral scholars and are now graduate students at Berkeley, which feels like my life coming full circle. Last but not least, I am also the proud mom of a 6 year old boy (Jason), the parenting of whom has benefitted to a surprising degree from the research I did on executive control and memory while at UCB.