Weekly Opportunities - May 7, 2018

New Course for Fall 2018!

Psych 101D: Data Science for Research Psychology

4 Units

Tu, Th

3:30 pm - 4:59 pm

Dwinelle 234


This Python based course builds upon the inferential and computational thinking skills developed in the Foundations of Data Science course by tying them to the classical statistical and research approaches used in Psychology. Topics include experimental design, control variables, reproducibility in science, probability distributions, parametric vs. non-parametric statistics, hypothesis tests (t-tests, one and two way ANOVA, chi-squared and odds-ratio), linear regression and correlation.


Psych 101D can be used to fulfill the quantitative prerequisite requirement for the psychology major


Office Closure

The undergraduate student services office will be closed on the afternoon of Friday 6/1/18. We will reopen on Monday 6/4/18

We will also be closed on June 11th and 12th as we will be moving to our new building (2121 Berkeley Way).


Psychology Courses Offered in Summer 2018
Still not sure what to do this Summer? Take a look at the Psychology summer courses being offered! We've got a new course that will only be offered in the summer terms. Check out more information about Psych 137 Mind-Body and Health here.


Weekly Opportunities
We will be taking a short break from posting the Weekly Opportunities as we prepare to move into our new building. We will resume our sharing of opportunities once we’re settled in. Thanks for your patience!