Weekly Opportunities - May 29, 2023

1.  Farewell... for now!
This will be the last *weekly* Weekly Opportunities posting until August. We will still update the website as opportunities become available, but at a reduced frequency. See you in the Fall!


2. Space available in Psych 166AC (Summer Session D)
There are still plenty of seats available in Psych 166AC: Cultural Psychology. This class is very popular with both psychology majors and non-major students, and it satisfies the American Cultures requirement. It often fills up very quickly during fall and spring. Don't wait--sign up now!
Session D: Jul 03 2023 - Aug 11 2023
M, W, F: 11:30 am - 1:59 pm
Anthro/Art Practice Bldg 160
Class #:14278
Instruction Mode: In-Person Instruction
The course will review research on culture, race, and ethnicity and will consider the implications of these findings for our understanding of race, culture, and ethnicity in American society. Mounting evidence suggests that psychological processes are culture-specific, theory-driven, and context-dependent. This course will focus on the effects that theories of mind, person, self, and social institutions have on human cognition, motivation, emotion, and social interactions in American society. Students will gain a better appreciation of the ways that cultural traditions and social practices regulate and transform psychological functioning. Simply, the course is about how culture affects psyche and how psyche affects culture.


3. Summer Minor: Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Interested in exploring the field of clinical psychology? The clinical and counseling psychology summer minor allows students to explore the diverse career paths of clinical and counseling psychology. The curriculum focuses on basic psycho-biological and sociocultural mechanisms that underlie common mental health problems across the lifespan. Contact psychminor@berkeley.edu with any questions.