Weekly Opportunities - March 6, 2017

Psychology Commencement Registration Is Now Open!

Please register here by 4pm on March 24th.


Information about the commencement speaker and ticket sales will be forthcoming. Updates about the Psychology Commencement can be found on the Psychology Commencement website.



Students sometimes think that these two things are the same. CalCentral has automatically added each student to their anticipated semester to receive their degree based on your semester at UC Berkeley. If you plan to graduate early or stay for the summer/another semester, please see a college adviser. Being on the degree list means that you plan to complete all of your requirements for the degree.


By signing up for commencement to participate in the ceremony means that you are ready to celebrate your time at Cal with your loved ones. Students participate even though they finished their degree last December 2016; some participate in the May 2017 ceremony even if you plan to earn an August 2017 or December 2017 degree!



Commencement, the campuswide ceremony for all graduating seniors from all majors and their families, includes the Chancellor's address, keynote address, and most of the traditional pomp and circumstance. Departmental graduations occur separately within their discipline and are more personal, with each graduate walking across stage to receive a commemorative certificate.



  • Summer Sessions Enrollment: Psych N117: Human Neuropsychology is now posted online. You can now start registering for this course.
  • UPCOMING DEADLINE: Changing Grading Option (March 24th)


Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass

The last day to change your grading option is on Friday, March 24th. You may change your grading option from letter grade to P/NP AND also from P/NP to letter grade using CalCentral.

Please carefully consider all of your options or consult with our office or the College of Letters and Science (206 Evans) if you have any questions before making this change. L&S WILL NOT allow you to switch back after this deadline. Keep this following information in mind when doing so:

  • ALL courses that will fulfill Psychology major requirements, both lower and upper division, *MUST* be taken for a letter grade.
  •  A passing grade in ANY Psychology course used to fulfill major requirements is D-, as long as the following conditions are met:

    • your overall Psych major GPA is 2.0 or above;
    • your Psych upper-division GPA is 2.0 or above.
  • Any other Psych courses that you change to P/NP in which you receive a P may not be repeated for a letter grade and used towards the major in the future. You must opt for a different course.
  • If you have already fulfilled all major requirements and are taking Psych courses beyond the required upper-division courses, you are welcome to take those excess courses as P/NP as long as all major requirements have already been fulfilled.
  • Additional information regarding P/NP courses can be found here: https://ls.berkeley.edu/advising/academic-progress/grades/passednot-pass...

Again, questions regarding courses outside of the Psychology major may be directed to L&S.



You can verify this information through CalCentral, under the "My Academics" tab.

If you are receiving your degree this Spring 2017 AND your CalCentral does not reflect that information, the deadline for Spring 2017 "Opt In" requests (aka Adds to the Degree List) is Friday, March 10th. You need to complete and submit a DEGREE LIST ADD FORM to the College of Letters and Science in 206 Evans.


If you are planning to take some courses this Summer 2017 or during the Fall 2017 semester, you need to drop yourself from the degree list by seeing an L&S adviser by Friday, March 3rd. Being on Spring 2017 degree list will prevent you from your Summer 2017 enrollment, and your Fall 2017 Phase I appointment will not be generated.


If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us or stop by our drop-in advising hours (M-F 9-12pm and 1-4pm) in 3305 Tolman. You can also contact the College of Letters and Science and see a college adviser.