Weekly Opportunities - April 24, 2017

Psychology Commencement Tickets
Additional Pick-Up Day:  May 1

As a special gesture to the graduating class, on behalf of PsychologiCal Committee, we will be available one more day to pick up complimentary commencement tickets.  If you have not already picked up your tickets, come by the Tolman Breezeway on Monday 5/1, 10am-3pm in the Tolman Breezeway. In order to receive your tickets, be prepared to show your Cal Student I.D. card and the printed verification of completing the exit survey. You can take the exit survey here: Psychology Exit Survey


When you pick up your tickets, you’ll also be able to donate to the Senior Gift Campaign.  If you donate in person at that time, you will get a free t-shirt (while supplies last).


Seminar Courses for Fall
Application due: May 12

Psychology 148 and 168 are seminar classes being offered this Fall.  Due to the small class size and nature of the courses spots are limited.  To enroll in one of these classes you must complete and submit an application, which will be reviewed by the professors. You will be notified about enrollment during the summer.  Seminar applications can be found on our website and must be submitted to the Student services Office before the end of this semester.


Volunteer for Psychology Commencement
May 18, 2pm

The Department of Psychology Commencement ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 18 at 2pm at the Greek Theater. If you are not participating in the ceremony, you are welcome to purchase a ticket from Cal Performances to attend and celebrate the success of your peers. Or better yet, sign up to volunteer and you can get in for free. If you are interested in volunteering to help out at the Commencement ceremony, please send an email to psychsso@berkeley.edu and we’ll get you connected.


Enrollment for Fall and Summer
Phase I enrollment for Fall semester is underway and many of the upper division Psychology courses and wait lists are already full.  If you didn’t get into a class you were hoping to take, you should continue to monitor enrollment though Phase I and II to see if spots open in the course or on the waitlist. We will be opening enrollment to students who are not declared in the major during Phase II.


Another option is to take a class in the summer.  Enrollment is open to all students during the Summer term and classes are not as impacted.  This summer we are offering many of the upper division Psychology courses that apply to the major, including a few that are only offered in the summer.  For more information and a list of these courses, visit the Course Information page.