Summer Opportunities – May 2017
Summer Opportunities – May 2017

Even though campus gets much quieter in the summer, there’s still plenty going on.  And though we will not be posting opportunities every week during summer, we will update information here periodically.


Summer Courses

If you’re here in Berkeley this summer, why not take a class or three? The Psychology department is offering many of the upper division Psychology courses that apply to the major, including a few that are only offered in the summer.  Are you still needing to complete the Psych 101 prerequisite to get into the major?  If so, it’s being offered in Session C, which is a great opportunity to guarantee a spot in the class before Fall begins.  Or maybe you’re already in the major and you want to take the upper division Biological requirement without a lot of distractions.  If so, consider taking Psych 110 in Session A or 117 in Session D and devote your full attention to the class.


For more information and a list of courses offered through the Department of Psychology in summer, visit the Course Information page.


In addition to Psychology, many of the departments on campus offer interesting classes during summer.  So if you’re trying to meet an AC requirement or just want to explore something new, Summer’s a great time to do so.  We’ve added a Summer Courses document below for you to peruse many of the great options.  Check it out under Miscellaneous.