Upper-Division Requirements (Applicable to Freshman and Transfer Students Admitted Fall 2016 and Spring 2017)

Tier II: A minimum of 5 courses AND at least one in each area


Course Options

Cognitive &



Tier II: Survey Courses

Psych 110*
Psych 114
Psych 117
Psych 125
Psych C127

Psych C120
Psych C126
Psych 140
Psych C143

Psych 150
Psych 156
Psych 160
Psych 166AC
Psych 180

Psych 130
Psych 131
Psych 134
Psych 135

* Effective Fall 16 - Student will not receive credit for Psych 110 if MCB C61 is taken prior. Students must take another course to meet biological requirement.


Tier III: 3 Additional Upper-Division Psychology Elective Courses 

  • Select three courses from upper-division psychology courses numbered 104-182. Each course must be at least 3.0 units.
  • Any excess survey courses will count towards Tier III.
  • ONLY one of these courses can be a seminar (courses ending in “8”).
  • The course number 192 is used to designate a new class and may apply toward one of the electives.
  • Psych 102, H194, H195, 197, 198, and 199 do not count toward the coursework requirement although students are encouraged to become involved in research.

* Freshmen admitted to UC Berkeley starting Fall 2014 and transfer starting  Fall 2015 take Psych 10 as a prerequisite instead of Psych 101 as an Upper Division course.

Sample Psychology Major Schedule