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Undergraduate Psychology Courses

To see a listing of all Psychology courses including course descriptions, visit the Course Catalog in the Academic Guide.   To know which classes will be offered in a particular semester, visit the Class Schedule and search for the term  you are interested in.


Enrollment Information

If you have questions about enrolling in Psychology courses, please visit our Enrollment Policies webpage.  This page provides information about class restrictions during Phase I and Phase II, information about waitlists and discussion sections, and much more.  

Coming Soon: Fall 2018 Psychology DeCal Courses 

The Psychology department plans to offer lots of DeCal classes this Fall.  Check out the opportunities below to add a unique and interesting class to your schedule. 


1 in 68: Autism Spectrum Disorders (1 Unit)

The A-Z’s About Catching Your Z’s (2 Units)

Empathy Revolution (1 Unit)

Happiness Advantage (1 Unit)

Introduction to Counseling (1 Unit)

Kindness, Compassion, and Empathy DeCal (1-2 Units)

Magic – The Art and Theory of Deception (2 Units)

Personal Development in Psychology (2 Units)

Sage Mentorship Project (1 Unit)

Self Development and the Politics of Leadership (1-2 Units)

Social Identitites Intergroup Dialogue: Intersectionality (2 Units)

Tech Time: Revamping Your Life with Technology (1 Unit)

The Undergraduate Journal Psychology at Berkeley (2 Units)

Wayfinding Your Purpose (2 Units)


Open & Suggested Classes

Looking for open classes for the current semester?  We encourage you to explore classes in other departments to complement your Psychology major.  Visit the Open & Suggested Classes webpage to see the latest open, high-interest classes recommended by all departments.