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Enrollment Information

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Psychology Summer Classes 2018

Summer is a great time to take classes that are normally very impacted in the department. It's also a good way to get ahead with your major requirements.  Take a look at all the great classes we're offering this summer.  Enrollment is open now!


Session A (May21 – June 29):

Psych N134 Health Psychology│3 units – Prof. Aaron Fisher
Psych 136 Human Sexuality│3 units
Psych 139 Case Studies in Clinical Psychology│3 units
* Psych 142 Early Applied Developmental Psychology│3 units
* Psych 149 Early Development & Learning Science Core Seminar│3 units
Psych N150 Psychology of Personality│3 units – Prof. Oliver John


Session A & D:  (May 21-August 10):

Psych 149A Early Learning: Engaging Interactions and Environments - for students in the ED&LS minor and certificate program.│3 units


Session C (June 18 – August 10):

Psych W1 - General Psychology (online)│4 units – Prof. John Kihlstrom
Psych 10/101 – Research and Data Analysis in Psychology│4 units


Session D (July 2 – August 10):

Psych N1 General Psychology│3 units
Psych 3 Intro to How the Brain Works│1 unit
Psych 4 Emotional Intelligence│2 units
Psych 5 Technology vs. Psychology The Internet Revolution and the Rise of the Virtual Self│2 units
Psych 6 Stress and Coping│2 units
Psych 7 The Person in Big Data│2 units
Psych N117 Human Neuropsychology│3 units
Psych N120 Basic Issues in Cognition│3 units
* Psych 132 Applied Early Developmental Psychopathology│3 units
Psych 137 Mind-Body and Health│3 units
* Psych 149C Design Thinking for ED&LS│3 units
Psych N160 Social Psychology│3 units
Psych N166AC Cultural Psychology│3 units
Psych N180 Industrial-Organizational Psychology│3 units


* Course offered as part of the ED&LS Summer Minor, but open to all! For more information about this minor, visit their website here:

Open & Suggested Classes

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