Parking Policy and Procedures

These parking spots are for Psychology Department research participants or Psychology Clinic clients. In very rare instances, a spot may be available for a guest to the Department should a specific need for closer parking be made clear. For disabled parking, please see the City of Berkeley Disabled Person Parking Guidelines:


Parking requests should be sent via-email to, ideally at least one week prior to date of use. Please send timely changes or updates via-email, which also include cancelations. Parking requests are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Priority is given to research participants (e.g., babies and young children; adults who need special accommodation) and Psychology Clinic clients. Request for a parking permit should indicate:

  1. Name of faculty member or lab requesting the permit
  2. Date and time needed
  3. Who will be parking – research participant, Clinic client, etc

Visitors should arrive and depart at designated times indicated on parking permits.  Parking is scheduled on a weekly basis and limited to the duration of the appointment time. Multiple week requests cannot be fulfilled.


Note: If you're looking to request a campus parking permit from the department, please contact Tanya Robles at

Conditions of Use

Invited guest permits must be used for departmental visitors only. Invited guest permits may not be issued to individual employees or students for their personal use, or for commute parking. Duplication, alteration, or misuse of an invited guest permit may result in a citation, towing, and/or revocation of parking privileges.

Providing Permits to Guests

The requester is responsible for obtaining the permit from Psych Admin staff and supplying it to the visitor. Office hours are 9:00-12:00pm and 1:00-4:00pm, M-F. Provide the permit to the invited guest in advance of their arrival (or day of), along with instructions on where and how to park. Permit and Parking directions will be provided after confirming availability. Be sure to remind guest(s) parking permit must be visible through the windshield of automobile.


Reserved guest parking for the UC Berkeley Psychology Department is located at 2161 University Ave. in the retail parking lot that was formerly for Mike’s Bikes of Berkeley. Entrance to the lot is also available on Walnut Street, which is directly across from the building on Berkeley Way.  Visitors may park only in designated spaces marked "Reserved Parking: UC Berkeley Psychology Department.”

Parking Calendar

Our department has two parking spaces available. If there are two reservations for the same time slot that means both spaces have been already reserved; Otherwise, parking space(s) are available to be reserved.