Graduation 2018
Psychology Graduation 2018
Wednesday, May 16; 2pm
Greek Theatre


If you are an undergraduate student and would like to participate in the 2018 Psychology Commencement ceremony on May 16, 2018 and/or would like to have your name included in the program, please fill out the following survey by March 8th.


Save the date for the Psychology Department Graduation ceremony in 2018.  More details will be forthcoming in mid-March.  



What's the difference between the Psychology Department Graduation and the Campuswide Commencement? 

Commencement, the campuswide ceremony for all graduating seniors from all majors and their families, includes the Chancellor's address, keynote address, and most of the traditional pomp and circumstance. The Psychology department hosts a commencement that is more personal, with each graduate walking across stage to receive a commemorative certificate. Department graduations occur during the spring semester only. 


What if I graduate in December?

The Psychology department hosts the departmental graduation in the Spring semester only.  If you graduate in December, you may participate in the campuswide ceremony on December 17.  More information about the campuswide commencement can be found on their website here

You may also choose to come back in May to participate in the Psychology department graduation ceremony. Check back to this website in mid-March for details on how to register for the event. 


Who can participate in the Psychology Graduation ceremony in May? 

Any student who graduates in Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018, or Fall 2018 may choose to participate in the Psychology Department Graduation on May 16.