Weekly Opportunities - January 9, 2017

-Student Services will be closed Friday (1/13) 12-4:00pm. We are also closed Monday (1/16) for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. We will open Tuesday morning (1/17) at 9:00am.


- GOOD NEWS! More Discussion Sections have been added to PSYCH 160 and PSYCH 131 as of 1/9/17.


- 168 Seminar Applications due Wednesday, January 11th by 4pm: Toward a Science of Diverse Communities
Description: In social psychology, we know a good deal about the nature of prejudice--conscious and unconscious--stereotype threat and other identity pressures, their effects on things from intellectual performance to health outcomes, and the psychological impact of diversity in a setting. But we haven't developed yet a model of an ideal diverse community--in particular, a model of what such a community would look like and how it would have to function to enable an equally effective, gratifying and promoting experience for all of its members. Drawing on classic literatures in social psychology, and beyond--for example, race and identity literatures, feminist literatures and behavioral economics--this seminar will be in search of such a model.

Taught by Professor Steele.



- Want to join a research lab? Want credit? PSYCH 99/199 Research Assistant Postings for the Spring 2017 semester here: (RA Postings)


- As you may know, there is a credit restriction for Psych 110 after completing MCB/Psych C61 beginning Fall 2016 semester. Many of you stopped by our office inquiring about the credit restriction if an equivalent course of MCB/Psych C61 was completed from a community college. After conferring with my colleague at the Office of the Registrar, he confirmed the set-up of Psych 110 and MCB/Psych C61 is as follows:


  • If a student has transfer work that is articulated to MCB/Psych C61 as posted on assist.org website (e.g. Psych 24 from De Anza), then students will NOT receive any credit in Psych 110. Students must take Psych 117 or C127 to meet the Tier II Biological requirement.
  • If the biological psychology course was accepted by the Psychology department but the course is NOT articulated on assist.org website, then students may take Psych 110 to fulfill the Tier II Biological requirement.

Please make sure to verify the course articulation through assist.org website. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by our office.