A message from the new Chair Ann Kring:

Hello Alumni and Friends! After four outstanding years of astute and inspiring leadership, Rich Ivry is stepping down as chair and returning to full time teaching and research. Our Department flourished under Rich’s leadership and guidance, and we are all very grateful for his hard work, steadfast commitment, and cheerful demeanor no matter what the circumstance.


I am excited and honored to begin serving as Chair of Psychology. I look forward to maintaining and building upon the success our Department has achieved over the past several years. I have been at Berkeley for over 16 years, including service as Vice Chair with Rich and as Director of the Clinical Science Program for 5 years. I am pleased to have Professors Serena Chen and Lance Kriegsfeld join me as Vice Chairs. Together, we will be working diligently to keep our Department moving in a positive and future-oriented direction while at the same time remembering and learning from our shared histories.


We are nearing the end stages of design for our new building, with ground breaking to happen in the coming months! There is still a lot of work to do, including additional fundraising, and I will be eager to share these developments with you in coming editions of the PsychologiCAL newsletter. View the summer, 2015 edition here:


We continue to update our alumni database and this has been a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and colleagues. We want to be able to maintain the latest information for former Psychology undergraduates and graduates. Please continue to send us a short note with an update on your life: We continue to want to answer our question, “What do people do with a CAL Psych degree?”
Share your stories on our department site, here:http://psychology.berkeley.edu/stay-connected


We thank you for your generosity to the Department and encourage you to continue to give to Psychology. Your gift is a true multiplier since 100% of alumni-donated funds to the Department go directly to the support of our undergraduates and graduates. During Rich’s tenure as Chair, we were able to increase funding for graduate students, something that was long overdue, much needed, and greatly appreciated. Please help us continue to support our undergraduate and graduate students.


Give to Psychology, here:

Best wishes for a relaxing and enjoyable summer

Ann Kring
Professor and Chair